Paternity Test

Test pricing

The Gentras informative paternity test has a variable cost, according to the exam carried out:

• On alleged father and 1 child (basic test).
• On alleged father, 1 child and mother.
• Addition of another family member (for example another child).
• Personalized test.

In an attitude to individual contact and close interaction with its clients, Gentras can carry out personalized estimates tailored to specificy of the case to investigate. Otherwise, you will find the standard estimation of the cost of the basic test inside the kit that you can request free of charge. It is asked, therefore, to indicate in the kit request the number of subjects on which the test is carried out. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Please see the Contact page.

You will get the test results and a clear explanation of their interpretation within 10 working days from the arrival of the samples at the laboratory. But if you need a rapid response (within 5 working days instead of 10) a surcharge is applied.

Included in the price of the Gentras paternity test is a free consultation from an attorney associated to Gentras.

How to make the payment

You will find the details in order to make the payment, in the form of your choice (for example; bank transfer, postal money order, credit card…) inside of the envelope that will be delivered to the address reported at the time of the kit request.

We will not carry out your analysis without notification of payment.