Paternity Test

Other types of samples fot testing

The most conventional and easiest sample is the buccal swab however it's not always possible to have a sample of the buccal mucosa, for this reason Gentras has other type of testing available to its clients

In the following chart we show the success probability of the various samples. All the samples in this chart can be tested in our laboratories. The only difference is the success probability and the additional cost for the DNA analysis which depends from the type and condition of the sample

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Type of Sample Success Rate Notes Additional Cost
Buccal Swab 98% Samples with most success rate if you follow properly
the instruction sheet enclosed in the kit
Blood Swab 98% Samples with very good success rate if the fresh
blood is collected immediately on the swab enclosed in the kit
Blood Stain on paper or clothing 15%-90% Success rate depends on:
• size of stain
• contaminations
• exposure to heat, sunlight and humidity is very damaging
• older samples are less likely to worka
Cigarette Butts 80% High success rate if you place the butt immediately in the
sterile bag enclosed in the Kit, you must avoid touching the cigarette’s filter
Repeatedly used plastic glass for drinking water 80% Success rate depends on:
• the person must be abstain from food and sugar drink from one
hour before drinking from the plastic glass that must be analysed
• plastic glass can’t be touched where there are lips imprint
• the superior part of glass must not touch contaminate surfaces
• when the glass is placed in the proper bag (provided with the kit) be careful that the superior part of the glass don’t rub with the bag
Semen liquid on clothes 50%-70% Success rate depends on:
• size of stain
• sperm count
• exposure of heat, sunlight and humidity
• contaminations
Hair with roots intact 20%-50% Success rate depends on:
• hair can’t be pick up, but pull out and placed in the sterile bag
enclosed in the kit
• hair must be with roots intact
• must be at least five in number
• the root must not be touched with hand to avoid contaminations
Envelope flaps and stamps 50% Older samples are less likely to work YES
Chewing gum 60% Sugar free gum has good probability of success, less with sugar YES
Bone or teeth 50% We require several grams of tibia or femur bone and 3-4 molars teeth YES