Paternity Test

Why choose Gentras tests?

Gentras is a company devoted to the development and the marketing of innovative tests based on DNA analysis.

Gentras guarantees the maximum of reliability and discretion, together with absolute accuracy, in the execution of such a delicate exam as the paternity test, because it carries out all the exams directly inside its own laboratories. Unlike many DNA test services that you can find on the web, our laboratory works without any intermediaries. It is highly specialized in this kind of procedures, and is expressly authorized to carry them out by the competent authorities. In this way Gentras guarantees you maximum confidentiality and privacy, having great care and respect for the delicacy of the information resulting from this type of exam. Moreover, we follow you even after the test, offering you, free of charge, a first legaladvice.

All the Gentras technicians and investigators are selected for their skills and professionalism. The exams they carry out on your DNA samples are performed following standard procedures established by internationally recognized guidelines and protocols. We will always be available for any need by telephone or email, in total respect of confidentiality and privacy.

Gentras and its laboratory are headquartered in Prato, Tuscany, and can be found at the physical address indicated, Instead, many of the offers found on the web come from intermediaries, who entrust your analysis and information to foreign laboratories, using simplified operating procedures with non-professionals that lower reliability, test accuracy and do not guarantee your privacy.