Paternity Test

How to request a sample kit

In order to carry out the paternity test it is necessary to request the sending of a free of charge sample kit, specifying the number of subjects for which you are interested in executing the test.

Gentras will answer your request by sending you an A4 format white envelope containing the kit in total anonymity, without any external clue on the content. The request for a free kit does not entail any obligation to purchase the service. Gentras will remain at your disposal for any doubts or questions on how the tests are carried out and how the results are obtained.

Gentras will mail free paternity kits out of Europe by international post however we cannot assure a short time delivery period. A faster priority shipping delivery requires a €50 payment in advance.

If after having received the kit you decide not to carry out the test no payment will be requested.

You can request the free kit be sent in the following ways:

• Sending an email with object “sample kit request” to, specifying a name and an address to which you want the kit delivered (that can be for example a place of work or a post office box). You will receive the material in an anonymous white A4 format envelope.

• Phoning to 0574 468695 rom Monday to Friday, at office hours 9.30-17.00.

• Sending a SMS to 335 1598129 with the message “sample kit request”, specifying a name and an address to which you want the kit delivered.

Within ten days of reception of the samples accompanied by the receipt for payment of the test, Gentras will privately provide you with the results in the chosen form (email or mail, with or without telephone contact). It is possible to request Gentras to carry out the examination more

Gentras has expressly decided not to activate we-based paymet forms routinely used by its competitors, in order to guarantee you maximum discretion and confidentiality. For the confidentiality of your data Gentras rigorously applies all the regulations governing the protection of privacy according to the Italian legislative decree 196/03