Paternity Test

The Gentras paternity test

The paternity test carried out through DNA analysis by Gentras gets paternity verification in a way which is fast, scientifically accurate, totally anonymous and respectful of your privacy. We can establish the effective paternity of a presumed son or daughter, in order to verify if a man is his/her real biological father.

Gentras is an Italian biotechnology company devoted to the development of innovative, high technology applications in the field of DNA analysis as a tool for identification. Gentras carries out the paternity test directly in its laboratories, formally authorized for operating in the field of forensic medicine, thereby guaranteeing maximum discretion and quality. The test results, reported with clarity, are delivered in a strictly confidential way in the form requested by the customer. Moreover, Gentras customer service is at your disposal during office hours (9.30-17.00) in order to solve any doubt or question. Gentras is the only specialized laboratory providing, included in the price, a free legal advice following the test results.

Gentras delivers by default “informative paternity testing”, but under express request of the customer it can also carry out paternity tests with full legal value, which can be adopted as an official document in court in lawsuits for the attribution or exclusion of paternity.

Why a paternity test?

Human DNA is endowed with regions unique for each individual (with the exception of identical twins). By the Gentras DNA paternity test it is possible to compare these specific regions of DNA so as to identify the existing parental relations between two or more individuals, and to definitively establish if a man is the real biological father of a child.

The paternity test can also be requested by a mother who wants to have paternity of her son or daughter recognized. In order to carry out the sampling of the necessary DNA for the test, it is sufficient to rub a simple buccal swab (a sterile cotton swab contained in our free kit) inside the cheek.