Paternity Test

Contents of the Gentras kit

Inside the DNA sampling Gentras kit envelope you will find:

• Detailed instructions on how to carry out DNA sampling.
• A test-tube containing the buccal swabs necessary to collect the DNA.
• The consent, to sign, authorizing Gentras to carry out the examination.
• Information on test pricing and instructions for test payment.
• The pre-stamped and addressed envelope to send back the samples to Gentras.

In order to take a sample

In order to take a DNA sample for paternity testing you have to follow these simple steps:

1. Remove from the padded yellow envelope the tests-tube containing the buccal swabs: there are two swabs for every individual to be tested. Each swab will have a label corresponding to a type of sample (for example the standard kit, unless you have a different agreement with Gentras, will be constituted of test-tubes with the labels Fa= allegedfather, Ch=child, Mo=mother of the child). In case you do not need the test of a third individual (for example the mother) the corresponding test-tube can be thrown away. An important rule: it is recommended not to drink or eat for approximately 1 hour before taking the sample.

2. Insert the first buccal swab in the mouth inside of a cheek, and rub back and forth, applying a light pressure, for approximately 20 times. Return the cotton swab inside its test-tube, being careful that the cotton does not touch anything. In the event in which the cotton of the swab is soaked with saliva put the rod vertically (supporting the stopper on a flat surface, with the cotton turned up) to dry for 5 minutes. After, return it back to the test-tube.

3. Repeat the operation with the second swab for the same individual, rubbing it on the inside of the other cheek.

4. Repeat the sampling steps indicated above for each individual.

5. Fill in the form completely and sign the application form for the analysis contained in the envelope of the kit.

6. Insert in the smaller padded yellow envelope with the pre-stamped address all the test-tubes with the samples, the documentation duly completed, the confirmation of payment (mail order payment receipt or bank transfer to the coordinates indicated on the back) and return it all to Gentras by priority mail.